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*s0000593 - Tool for replacement wheel hub VW, Seat, Skoda VW T5 - Hub Puller / Bearing with ABS, ...Service puller to press and squeeze the hub / bearing Removal and installation of the hub / bearing is on the car without removing the ABS sensor Application: VW T5 - front and rear axle VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza - the front axle steering Fabia after the modification, Opel, ...
533.93 € (excl. TAX)
656.74 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000381 - Milling slots Common Rail injector nozzles PLUS 6 piecesKit includes: knob cutter - conducting pilot Centering sleeve remote operator Centering sleeve remote operator cutter - pilot leading compression spring ring flat cutter 15 x 19 mm - Mercedes and other cutter flat 17 x 17 mm - Renault, Ford and others cutter flat 17 x 19 mm - Ford, ...
156.94 € (excl. TAX)
193.04 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000668 - Injector Puller Hydraulic 2.0 DCI / CDTI and urwanego injectorApplication: Cars with engines 2.0 DCI / CDTI Renault, Opel Vivaro, and other
504.49 € (excl. TAX)
620.52 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000216 - Injector Puller Hydraulic HDI CDIInjector is extracted using a hydraulic pump motorApplication: Cars with engines HDI, CDI Common Rail injectors and other Bosch, Siemens, etc.
437.18 € (excl. TAX)
537.73 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000001 - Puller for wheel hub bearings, double rowProvided a set of mechanical bearings, double row ironing front and rear axles Application: Universal
105.80 € (excl. TAX)
130.14 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000158 - Adapter for screw brake pistonThe apparatus is used to screw the brake piston in a car VAG
5.69 € (excl. TAX)
7.00 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000311 - Press Puller Bolt VW, Mercedes, Renault, Opel, Iveco, VW Crafter (D1) Sprinter 906Press ironed and embed the bolts without removing the rockerApplication:- Mercedes Sprinter, VW LT - lower pin- VW T4 - the upper bolt- Renault Master, Opel Movano, Nissan Interstar - top pin and bottom- Iveco - lower pin- VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter 906 lower pin
246.36 € (excl. TAX)
303.02 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000750 - set MAX to pull the glow plug filament urwanego M10x1mm, M10x1, 25mm, HDI M8x1mm, M9x1, ...The kit includes: - hammer - Drill the broken filament candle M10 - Tap to a broken filament candle M10 - Adapters to pull the broken filament glow plug - Guide the socket adapters glow plug M10 x 1.00 mm - Guide the socket adapters glow plug M10 x 1.25 mm - drill broken filament candle ...
329.78 € (excl. TAX)
405.63 € (incl. TAX)
M38432 - injector nozzle 17 mm, BMW, Opel 2.5TD, MercedesInput 3/8 " 12 - Hexagon chrome vanadium to dial injectors in cars with BMW and Opel and Mercedes engine 2.5TD, length 119 mm
13.35 € (excl. TAX)
16.42 € (incl. TAX)
*s0000623 - Puller for Common Rail injectors hydraulic MTP 2012The injector is pulled by the actuator and a hydraulic pump Application: - Mercedes CDI Common Rail injectors Bosch and others - Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot HDi common rail injectors and other Bosch Siemens, etc. - Cars with engines 3.0 HPI - Iveco Daily, Fiat Ducato, Citroen, ...
1,351.90 € (excl. TAX)
1,662.83 € (incl. TAX)
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